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Our flagship beginners course. Fireside Foundations course is designed to help beginning tattooers and apprentices solve their tattoo design problems quickly and effectively while learning to develop their own unique mark making in the process.

Foundations introduces the "Fireside Method" of tattoo design that we use in everything we do. Learn more about Fireside Foundations Below

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Nobody Solves a Problem by Adding Complexity.

Fireside Simplify is our flagship course for intermediate to advanced tattooers. As our skillset grows, so does the complexity of our tattoos. Simplify will teach you how to limit your options to create more dynamic tattoos. Learn more about Fireside Simplify below.

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Inside Fireside Tattoo Club

Need an Accountability Partner to help you reach your tattoo goals? You Just Found One! Inside Fireside Tattoo Club is the heart of the Fireside Family. We are a group of artists who are driven to become the best tattooers we can be. Learn more about all of the benefits of joining our club below.

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Jake Meeks 1 on 1

Stuck in a rut? Maybe things are going great but you're wondering what's next? Let's talk about it! If you aren't sure where to start or think that an online course or club isn't the solution, schedule a video call with Jake. Get started at the link below

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