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Why Inside Fireside Tattoo Club?

For years we have communicated with the Fireside family through Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and email but have never had a single point of contact where we could share ideas and grow as a group. Inside Fireside presents that opportunity.

In our tattoo club, we all have the ability to be heard and contribute. This group also gives us a chance to introduce fun new projects, challenges and excursions that everyone can enjoy and learn from regardless of skill level.

Whether you have recently found Fireside or have been a longtime subscriber, we would love you to consider joining Inside Fireside!

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Inside Fireside Tattoo Club

Tattoo Club Benefits

  • Live "Technique Talks" with the best artists in the industry

  • Consistent feedback from your peers and experts

  • Monthly Drawing Challenges with awesome prizes awarded

  • Live critiques each month

  • Client Role Play nights to help you better communicate during consultations

  • Feedback/Critique on assignments from Fireside Courses

  • Live weekly drawing nights

  • Discounts on Fireside Merch and courses

  • First access to Fireside Live events

  • and more...

Tattoo Club Member Benefits

  • Live Technique Talks

Each month we bring in a world class tattooer for to go through their design process, tattoo process gear and supplies and much more. You are able to not only sit in on these talks but also participate and ask questions of the best artists in the industry. This feature is worth the club dues on its own!

  • Feedback From Peers and Experts

The greatest value of Inside Fireside are the club members themselves. Outside of our many organized events, you'll find a great community willing to answer questions, offer feedback and help you grow as an artist and tattooer

Monthly Drawing Challenges

Fun tattoo design challenges dropped on the first day of each month to help you develop new skills and build your drawing and tattoo portfolio. Members vote on the winner and Fireside ships out a unique prize each month.

Live Critiques

Get real time critiques and feedback on your tattoos as well as help with designing your upcoming tattoo projects. Brainstorm as a group on the best way to approach the unique challenges your clients bring.

Client Role Play Night

Share ideas and get insights on how to better communicate with clients, deal with the most. common issues they bring and take better control of the consultation process to ensure that you are working only with your best fit clients.

Feeback on Fireside Course Assignments

If you own any of our online courses or tools, Inside Fireside Discord channel offers a place to turn in assignments for review and critique by Jake and the Fireside team

Weekly Drawing nights

Join club members 2x each week to work on your drawings, make friends and share ideas. Our members range from apprentices to 20+ year tattoo vets so your'e sure to find the resources you need to grow.

Discounts on Fireside Products

Get discounts on courses and merchandise from Fireside and our affiliate partners.

First Access to Live events

From new live events to beta testing new courses and products, be the first to know whats happening in the world of Fireside and get access before anyone else.

And More!

Tattoo Club is constantly evolving with new activities and events being added regularly. We are member driven and depend on your involvement to keep the community fresh and exciting.