Tattooer's Toolkit

Stuck in a tattoo rut? We can help!

Designed for Intermediate to Advanced Tattoo Artists

The Tattooer's Tookit is designed to help professional tattoo artists to improve their skills and become better problem solvers leading to more confident tattooing and a developed and recognizable style.

What's Included in the Tattooer's Toolkit?

$7. FREE | Tattoo Transformer Worksheet

$79 $59 | Fireside Simplify Advanced Tattoo Course.

$75. $66 | Inside Fireside Tattoo Club (3 months access)

What You Will Learn

  • Learn to develop your own unique tattoo style with the Fireside Simplify Course

  • Easily identify mistakes and implement solutions with our Tattoo Transformer tool

  • Get feedback from our incredible community of tattooers in the Inside Fireside Tattoo Club

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What You'll Need

  • Pencils and Paper (If analog)

  • Computer/tablet

  • Printer (If analog)

  • Drawing software (If digital)

  • Colored Pencils/markers (If analog)


Fireside Simplify Course

Nobody solves a problem by adding complexity. Fireside Simplify gives you the tools to break complex tattoo problems down into baby steps. By focusing on simple "if/then" scenarios, you will learn to become a better problem solver, artist and tattooer.

Tattoo Transformer

What gets measured, gets managed. The Tattoo Transformer is a simple thinking exercise to help you determine what went right, what went wrong and how you can improve your tattoo process the next time.

3 Months Access to Inside Fireside Tattoo Club

The Fireside Family rules! And we cant wait to have you on board. Our Inside Fireside Tattoo Club is a community of tattooers who are driven to become the best artists they can be (and grow the tattoo community in the process). Join us for live drawing, technique talks and much more!

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Meet Your Instructor

Jake Meeks


Jake Meeks has been tattooing since 1996. In 2013 Jake founded the Fireside Tattoo Network with the goal of "Blurring the Lines Between Tattooing and Fine Art"

Over the years Jake has dedicated himself to developing processes to simplify complex ideas by applying basic principles.. The result of this work is Fireside Foundations