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Why Inside Fireside Tattoo Club?

For years we have communicated with the Fireside family through Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and email but have never had a single point of contact where we could share ideas and grow as a group. Inside Fireside presents that opportunity.

In this tattoo club, we all have the ability to be heard and contribute. This group also gives us a chance to introduce fun new projects, challenges and excursions that everyone can enjoy and learn from regardless of skill level.

Whether you have recently found Fireside or have been a longtime subscriber, we would love you to consider joining Inside Fireside!

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Inside Fireside Tattoo Club

Tattoo Club Benefits

  • New resources to help you become a better tattooer added weekly

  • Feedback from your peers and experts

  • Monthly Challenges to test your ability to implement the Fireside Method

  • Monthly Tattoo Livestream focused on tattoo techniques and gear.

  • Quarterly club only Zoom calls to help decide future group activities

  • Feedback/Critique on assignments from Fireside Courses

  • Discounts on Fireside Courses

  • Discounts on Fireside Merch

  • First access to Fireside Live events

  • and more...

Tattoo Club Member Benefits

Monthly Tattoo Design Challenges

Fun tattoo design challenges dropped on the first day of each month to help you develop new skills and build your drawing and tattoo portfolios

Tattoo Club Only Merch

  • Get first access to new Fireside merchandise including "Inside Fireside" members only T-shirts dropped quarterly

Feedback/Critique on Fireside Course Material

Get real time critiques and feedback on all assignments in Fireside Courses and online workshops.

  • First access to Inside Fireside Live events

  • (Including Fireside Yacht Club)

Join us in person at awesome locations with the worlds best tattooers, illustrators and painters, make art in small groups and make lifelong friends

Discounts on Fireside Products

Get club only discounts on Fireside courses and merchandise

Monthly "Technique Focused" Livestream

Watch Jake tattoo live and answer any technical, gear, or art focused questions you have during the process.

Control the Future of the Community

Join The Fireside team and community for quarterly "mastermind" video calls, where we will plan and vote on upcoming live events, projects and the general direction of the group